COVID-19 Update & Re-Opening Dates

by | May 17, 2020 | News

COVID-19 Update – 17th May 2020


It’s been nearly eight weeks since Kommune shut its doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been one hell of a rollercoaster during that time. As always, we’ve had a huge amount of support from the community and we are on track to reopen as soon as government restrictions lift.

On a positive note, we have been using this down time to build the XV750 giveaway bike to help recover from the closures. We’re currently on the final mock up stage and it will be out for paint soon, then we’ll launch the give-away! We’ve also given the workshop a huge clean up; reorganising storage and generally sprucing things up. We’ve set up a brand new fabrication area and seperate clean assembly area with a new workshop-mate who is bringing in some exciting new equipment (stay tuned!). It’s going to be more functional and feel better than ever once we are back up and running. This is our little way of saying thanks for the support while we’ve been closed.


Need work done on your moto?

We’ve also been doing some odd jobs to keep some cash flow coming in. We can help out with servicing, fabrication and repairs. If you have any jobs that need doing over the next few weeks, let us know we’d love to help, especially if your bike is currently onsite and you’re keen to get it finished and on the road now the restrictions are easing. Our labour rate is $89ph with 20% off for members along with parts and consumable discounts. If you’ve got some work that needs doing, hit us up here.


Ok, on to the big question… when will Kommune re-open?

In recent days, the Australia Government has announced the easing of these restrictions, however it’s important to note that these are then implemented on a state-by-state level. Daniel Andrews, Victorian Premier, noted that Victoria would not be easing restrictions at the same rate as other states. While it all feels rather inconsistent and there seems to be many, many grey areas, the Kommune remains closed to the public until Victorian restrictions are eased.
Kommune always falls into these grey areas, so we are doing our best to navigate what we feel is the right way to approach the current situation. Currently Shopping, retails and food restrictions remain in place but sport, cultural and recreational activities restrictions have been eased allowing outdoor gatherings up of to 10 people. We (kinda) fit into the ‘recreational / club spaces’ category as we run a similar model as personal trainers and gyms.

Outdoor fitness activities including boot camp, personal training, tai chi and yoga can be undertaken. However, restrictions remain in place for indoor physical training facilities and this is where we feel our space fits best. These restrictions are enforceable with on-the-spot fines of $1,652 for individuals and $9,913 for businesses – something that we’d really like to avoid.

Word is that these restrictions will ease 1st of June, and cafes, bars and restaurants will be able to reopen, on a limited basis. So, we are only a couple of weeks away. This is our estimate of when our space will be open, but on a reduced capacity to ensure social distancing requirements are met.


What will change when Kommune re-opens?


  • Firstly, if you feel unwell, STAY HOME.
  • Strict Social distancing measures will be implemented at the space.
  • Three out of the five Bike lifts will be available for use. Giving space between work areas. These will open up as restrictions ease.
  • Only one person in each of the new Fabrication area and Assembly areas at one time.
  • 1-1 sessions and Training courses will be unavailable until further notice to comply with social distancing
  • No more than eight people on site at one time.
  • Utilising the workshop will mostly mean being self-sufficient and will be unassisted to ensure we comply with social distancing measures. This will be the most difficult change and we’ll relax these restrictions as soon as we are allowed.
  • Group rides will be back in place once a firm ok is given by the Victorian government.

    Cleaning and Sanitisation 

  • Members will be required to thoroughly clean and sanitise their workstation after use. This includes all tools used, benches and tool boxes and any areas that you were working in.
  • Sanitiser and gloves will be provided for members and visitors
  • Professional cleaners will be employed to clean and sanitise the space.

    Members will be required to sign in and sign out so we can track who has been using the space in the case of an COVID-19 infection.

We have a contingency plan of implementing a booking system, but our ethos is to keep it casual, so we’ll only do so if we (and you) feel as though it is needed.

While these restrictions may feel extreme to some, please understand that it’s all our responsibility to do the right thing. This is all about protecting each other, and not putting the space and members at risk (of fines and virus).

The other big question… what impact has COVID-19 had on Kommune?


The impact has been substantial. We had a huge downturn of turnover; -64% in March, -76% in April and May is tracking much the same. We didn’t qualify for any of the stimulus small business grants. We’re still in the rental negotiation phase with our Agent, but it looks as though we will get some relief there, which is great news. We’ve managed to get to this point through personal savings, mechanical jobs, buying and repairing then selling bikes, and you guys contributing by purchasing t-shirts, vouchers and we’ve even had random and anonymous donations gifted to the space. Absolutely incredible and it never ceases to amaze me how dedicated everyone is to the space.

We are hoping that the XV750 GIVEAWAY BUILD will substantually help recover some of the lost funds. It’s one crazy build!

While so many people have contributed, I wanted to give a very special shout out to Luke Steiger, Michael Scheller and Raph May. Luke and Michael have been at the space nearly every day, donating their time to help us get through everything from mechanical and fabrication jobs through to organising and setting up the new spaces. Raph has been working on the new news section of the website which has over doubled our website traffic and has generated more online merch and parts sales than ever before. We wouldn’t have been able to get to where we are today without these guys. Give them a follow and a thanks on socials at the very least!

Most important of all, we’re really looking forward to reopening to members, we miss you guys like crazy and can’t wait to hang.

Jimmy G & Nina.