Join the Kommittee

Create social change and help shape the future of the community

Kustom Kommune is offering Kommittee positions to its current members to become the team responsible for shaping the growth, diversification and expansion of offerings to its members and the greater motorcycling community.

Our goal is to become a global mentor and inspiration to assist more communities to come together, work collaboratively, share knowledge and create new networks to improve mental health for those that need support.

Since 2013 Kustom Kommune has been offering DIY Motorcycle services to the Victorian moto-community and has both inspired and mentored numerous spaces around the globe to launch similar projects. We want to give our members more opportunity to play a role in shaping the future of the space and help create a truly world class community.

Kustom Kommune is a Social Enterprise; an idea that became a movement. Kommune does not currently employ any staff (but does employ contractors where needed such as Trainers and Service Providers) and currently all profit is invested back into the community to further our social impact. With members supporting the space by contributing time and skills, we’ll be able to grow our tool and service offerings, reduce cost barriers allowing more people to get involved and remove the time and resource issues, that spaces like ours often face.

The Kommittee will make up the team that both strategises and implement projects that will directly impact the organisation and its members. Each Kommittee member will have a dedicated role and will be a part of all key decision making processes such as:

  • How we improve our space for members
  • How we grow our membership base
  • How funds are spent
  • What and how programs are implemented (such as We Kare & Konnections)
  • How we expand as the community grows

We are looking for passionate, dedicated and skilled individuals to fill the following Kommittee roles. Some roles maybe split into multiple parts dependant on final scope.

Head of Kommittee

The head of Kommitte is available to a member that has the ultimate passion for what we do. Someone that wants to the see the community thrive and drive the core Kommittee team to achieve great things.


This role includes
  • Being the first point of contact for the Kommitte
  • Chairing Monthly Meetings
  • Keeping an open channel of communication with the team
  • Reporting on monthly activity
  • Become a key decision maker in cases, where the Director is not available
  • Drive the team towards a common vision and give recognition to those that are going above and beyond
Essential Skills:
  • Previously held a Director or Team Management role
  • Be an ecxeptional leader by creating an open, exciting and rewarding environment
  • Have a shared vison with the community first ethos of Kustom Kommune
  • Be an all round legend.
Time Required:

Approx 8 hours per week


Marketing & Media Co-ordinatator

Kommune has a passionate online following and there is so much opportunity to invite more people into our moto-fam.


This role includes
  • Creating funnels to keep members in the loop with what’s happening and Introduce our community to the greater moto-community
  • Preparing Monthly EDMs
  • Creating automated email comms
  • Liaising with other Kommittee members to promote events, courses, rides etc
  • Sharing our vision with the world!
Essential Skills:
  • Marketing experience is an absolute must
  • Having an incredible way with words
  • Experience using Mailchimp
  • Social Media Pro
  • Creative, out of the box thinking!
Time Required:

Approx 8 hours per week


Member Co-ordinator

You’ll be the first point of contact for members when they need assistance with their subscriptions, when they are seeking extra help for their project and when they are looking for storage for their motorcycles. Members are what makes this all possible, so this role is for someone that is incredibly passionate about the space and customer service.


This role includes
  • Being the first point of contact for existing members and new potential members
  • Ensuring subscriptions are up to date
  • Ensuring Volunteers are aware of new members attending the space for the first time
  • Working with the Marketing Co-ordinator to drive memberships
Essential Skills:
  • Excellent email communication
  • Marketing experience is a plus
  • Outgoing, hospitable personality
  • Experience with payment gateways such as PayPal & Stripe
  • Experience with WordPress & Woocommerce
  • Creative, out of the box thinking!
Time Required:

Approx 6 hours per week


Grant & Sponsorship writer

A significant percentage of Kustom Kommune’s revenue comes from sponsors and grants. This is a space where we feel there is far more opportunity to build relationships with other organisations and implement projects that can have a massive impact on communities.


This role involves:
  • Researching new opportunities
  • Approaching potential sponsors
  • Preparing applications
  • Reporting on project progress
Essential Skills:
  • Previous experience in writing Grant and Sponsorship Proposals
  • Excellent written and verbal Communication skills
  • Creative, out of the box thinking
Time Required:

Approx 4 hours per week


Web Developer Assistant

Kustom Kommune’s website is our central hub for all interactions with the space. Memberships, training, events, parts purchasing, news and more. It’s an ever growing space of new functionality that needs constant tweaks.


This role includes
  • Maintaining exisiting functionality
  • Debugging
  • Adding new functionality as required
Essential Skills:
  • Strong Web Development skills are an absolute must
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • WordPress & Woocommerce knowledge
  • Python & AWS is a plus but not a must

This role will be heavily assisted by Jimmy Goode.

Time Required:

Approx 6 hours per week - more available on per project basis.



Events Co-Ordinator

Kommune’s biggest focus is all about creating social connections. Events play a huge role in this. Our goal is to create a social calendar that encourages members to get together, network and build lasting relationships.


This role includes
  • creating and implementing event ideas that promote social connections,
  • scheduling events online,
  • liaising with the Social Media & Marketing Co-ordinator to promote events
  • recruiting and managing people needed to implement these activities.
Essential Skills:
  • Previous event management experience
  • Excellent written Communication skills
  • Social Media experience - eg Facebook Event Listings and Post Scheduling
  • Exceptional Organisational Skills
  • People Management
  • Creative, out of the box thinking!


Time Required:

Approx 6 hours per week plus Ride time if you choose to attend rides (and other events.)


Training Co-ordinator

Training courses are often used as a first step for potential members as an introduction to the community. Our courses are also one of the biggest traffic drivers to Kommune’s website, meaning there’s loads of people looking to learn new skills.


This role involves:
  • Scheduling courses online
  • Recruiting new trainers for new course topics
  • Promoting courses to ensure maximum attendace
  • Setting up and welcoming attendees to each course (Monday evenings)
Essential Skills:
  • Previous experience in event management or training
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Exceptional organisation
  • People management
  • Social Media experience - eg Facebook Event Listings and Post Scheduling
  • Creative, out of the box thinking
  • Out-going personality!
Time Required:

Approx 6 hours per week including 1-2 hours onsite for training night set ups



Volunteer Co-ordinator

Volunteers are essential to the preservation and success of our space and each year we have around 20 Volunteers on the roster. Volunteers assist with the day-to-day operations to ensure members are getting assistance, the space is maintained and are a contact point for new members checking out the space.


This role involves:
  • Recruiting and training new volunteers,
  • shift scheduling
  • regular contact with the volunteer team to ensure feedback and updates are actioned
  • Putting in place recognition and reward systems for those who go above and beyond
Essential Skills:
  • Excellent written and verbal Communication skills
  • Exceptional Organisation
  • People Management
  • IT for shift scheduling and communications
Time Required:

Approx 6 hours per week plus extra during inital intake.


We Kare Program lead

We Kare is one of Kommune’s most important initiatives. Suicde sucks and we want to make sure no one in our community ever feels like they need to take that path.


This role involves:
  • Actively promoting the initiative
  • Comms with those that reach out
  • Creating regular contact with those participating
  • Being a bloody legend and taking a stand against suicde and depression
Essential Skills:
  • Background in mental health
  • A passion for making people feel awesome
  • Excellent written and verbal Communication skills
  • Experience with email systems
Time Required:

Approx 5 hours per week



Looking to get involved on a slightly more casual basis? We are also recuruting workshop volunteers to help manage the day-to-day of the space. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, head over to the Volunteer Application page.

The role
Kommune Kommittee Member

Regular - 6 months min commitment

Time required
4 - 8 hours per week - role dependand
Monthly meeting attendance

Work remotely or on-site, role dependant

Suitable for

Skilled Volunteers


Becoming the face of Kustom Kommune

Being a part of a highly social group of Volunteers

Shaping the future of the australian and global Moto-culture

Renumeration decided on by Kommittee