Trail Pro 255

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The Shinko Trail Pro 255 Series are designed with a super soft compound and a highly flexible radial carcass. The 255 Trail Pro provides excellent grip on rocks and other slick terrain. Ideal for technical singletrack terrain or Flat Track use.

Features include;

  • Super soft compound with a highly flexible radial carcass
  • provides excellent grip on rocks and other slick terrain
  • Lightweight
  • reduces un-sprung weight for improved performance and maneuverability
  • Works excellent in gnarly single-track terrain
  • Available in 18” and 19” rear radial sizes, 19” size allows use by most all full size motocross bikes without changing rear rims
  • DOT approved.

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Trail Pro 255 110/80R19, Trail Pro 255 110/90R18, Trail Pro 255 120/90-18 RADIAL