Orbit Mini LED Tail Light


Having a product designed by a motorcycle builder immersed in motorcycles day in day out shows through. Often coming across the pain of bulky, ugly and poorly performing motorcycle lights, PBM decided to do something about it. The Orbit Mini Motorcycle tail light shows off classic styling, with a total re-think on functionality. designed from the ground up, with a Purpose Built Moto Only LED cluster. Installation requires very minimal work or skill, its a straight 3 wire replacement. Minimal brake lights can look amazing while being safe featuring a beautiful Halo running light, with a blisteringly bright LED cluster for braking.  Blending everything you could ask for in a tail light into a tiny versatile package, the Orbit mini brake light will have you wondering whether you should tell everyone you know, or keep this amazing secret to your self.

Its hard to come across a great tail light that ticks all the boxes, highly visible, minimal, stylish. Purpose Built Moto has a name for providing solutions to these problems in terms of motorcycle lighting. Now here is our best version of what an aftermarket tail light should be. Versatile, amazingly bright, and appealing to the eye, the design is centered around our evident less is more approach. Easily replacing factory tail lights and giving your bike a simple upgrade with great results.

  • Proprietary LED cluster, high output, 2 stage lighting with Halo running light.
  • 3 wire connection, no external splitters for easy install
  • Minimal design Aluminium body, black anodised
  • 39mm Dia , 35mm deep , M10 fastening screw
  • IP65 Weatherproof

It’s easy to see when compared to any other custom tail light on the market, the Purpose Built Moto Orbit tail light stands punch for punch with the best there is. Mounted on a sissy bar, the tail hoop of your favorite custom or neatly on your tail tidy, if you’re in the market for a tail light, you can’t go past this one!




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