Orbit Mini LED DIY Brake Light Builders Kit


Purpose Built Moto –

It pay’s to be humble, and I guarantee that there’s a lot of my customers that are amazing designers out there, probably far better than me. I’m so sure of it, that I made a product just for those guys! The Obrit LED brake Light builders kit will set you up with all the hard to find bits, so you can focus on turning out a work of brake light art yourself. Take your measurements, get your desired body material stock and get to work with our builders kit.

I know you’re full of creative energy, that’s why you’re here. Building a bike and looking for the best parts you can find. But here’s a choose your own adventure kit. With this kit you’ll receive all you need to take the pain out of sourcing parts for a custom brake light. Just focus on making yourself an amazing light body, Purpose Built Moto has done the leg work for you.

  • Tiny 33mm diameter, 18mm deep
  • Proprietary LED cluster, high output, 2 stage lighting with Halo running light.
  • 3 wire connection, no external splitters for easy install
  •  M10 fastening screw
  • Red lense + Pinch spring clip
  • IP65 Weatherproof

The Beauty in the design of the LED component is the Cluster itself is weatherproof, no need to worry about a little water getting in and ruining your light. its all taken care of.




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