Hollow Tip X 3 in 1 LED Indicator Chrome



Purpose Built:

Our highly regarded LED indicators have received a brilliant overhaul. Now running Red and Amber LED lighting, operating as a 3 in 1 tail light. As you’ll notice, Purpose Built Moto has taken a great thing and only made it better. Complementing the style of your motorcycle, the Hollowtip X 3 in 1 tail light is the obvious choice for any discerning motorcycle enthusiast.

Having undergone a total re-design from the ground up, we’ve  improved the functionality adding a brake light while keeping the turn signal housing the same size. The mounting options have been upgraded with a 3 piece design, allowing the user to disassemble and modify the offset easily.

Minimalism and brightness are the goal. These LED indicators are designed to be barely noticeable until you switch them on!

  • Billet aluminium with stainless steel mounting hardware
  • M8 size mounting hardware
  • IP65 Weatherproof
  •  High intensity LED Red and Amber
  •  Machine polished surface
  • 23mm Diameter x 40mm Length
  • Brake/Tail Splitter available for use as 3 way light

Wrench, Ride, Repeat.