FERODO Brake Disc Pad Set FDB134P


    This is the only FERODO Compound available for this pad set.

  • Platinum Carbon Grip Series for Street rear applications.
    Attn – Each Pad Set contains two individual pads for fitment to one disc rotor caliper.
  • Carbon based composites bonded together with an organic resin.
  • Non Sintered formulation with excellent bite and controllability.
  • Suitable for stainless steel or cast iron rotors.
  • Note:

    1. New brake pads should be fitted by a qualified technician and ‘bedded in’ correctly to achieve the best braking performance.
    2. The Disc Rotor should be inspected and replaced if damaged or worn.
    3. The Brake System should be cleaned and serviced with new Brake Fluid.
    4. For FERODO Compound Selection info, click on the following link: ☛ Compounds
    5. Sit back and view the FERODO ‘How To’ video below for changing brake pads.
      Remember, the same principles apply to all motorcycles using hydraulic disc brakes.

FERODO FDB134P Disc Pad Set –
Platinum Compound – Non Sintered




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