Antigravity RS-30 RESTART Lithium Battery


The NEW Antigravity RS-30 Lithium Car Battery is a 30Ah Intelligent starter battery with our exclusive RE-START Technology and complete Battery Management System built-in. The hi-power lightweight RS-30 is a fantastic replacement for lead/acid batteries used in Hi-Performance and Race vehicles and also works great with daily drivers.

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The first Intelligent Lithium-Ion Automotive Battery that won’t leave you stranded!

The RS-30 Lithium Car Battery is the most advanced Lithium-Ion Battery offered today. It is intended for Hi-Performance Automobiles where massive weight reduction and high cranking power are desired in a very compact size. It also works great in Daily Drivers. Additionally the RS-30 offers benefits never seen before in an Auto Battery. 



Our amazing RE-START Technology won’t allow you to get stranded with a dead battery! For example if you left your lights on… the intelligent RS-30 would put itself to sleep before being drained dead, yet will save just enough energy to start your car again and get you out of that emergency. Simply press the RE-START button located on the battery and drive away; think of it as built-in Jump Starting!


The RS-30 has a very advanced on-board Battery Management system. It has a number of safety features and protections built-in to protect the battery from Over-Discharge, Over-Charge, and has Thermal Protections as well as Lithium Cell Balancing to offer the safest operation possible. But these advanced features of our BMS make the battery not only as safe as possible but will also keep the battery maintained in the optimal charging conditions to allow for the longest possible Life Cycle. From 6-8 years are expected from the RS-30 depending on use and climate.


The RS-30 weighs only 11.5 lbs, offers an incredible 1200 Cranking Amps, yet has a very compact footprint at 9.5″ Long x 6.2″ Deep x 7.9″ Tall. The incredible weight savings will increase your vehicle’s performance in several key areas such as handling, allowing shorter braking distances, improved acceleration and even better gas mileage. The high cranking power can start Motors up to 900 Horsepower easily! And the compact size means you can put it in any size Car! CHECK OUR DROP-IN FIT Battery Holders for Porsches, Vipers, Vettes and more Here.



1200 CA


30 Ah (50Ah PbEq*)

*but Cranking Performance better than a 90Ah Lead Battery


11.5 lbs


High Power



First Battery with Built-In Jump-Startingusing our RE-START Technology.

First Automotive Battery with FULL Battery Management System (BMS) including Over-Discharge, Over-Charge, Thermal Protections and Cell Balancing.

RE-START TECHNOLOGY: The RS Battery has self-RESTARTing capabilities. It intelligently monitors its status and if it senses over-discharge it will put itself into a sleep mode, yet saves enough energy to allow you to RE-START your vehicle. Simply press the RE-START button on battery.

LONGER LIFE: Up to twice the lifecycle of lead/acid, and other Lithium batteries due to full Battery Management system.

HIGH POWER: Up to 3X the Cranking Amps of similar sized lead/acid battery. Better Starting and higher voltage at start-up.

ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: Compared to a lead/acid battery the Lithium RS-30 is roughly 70% Lighter in most applications and can offer as much as an 80% weight reduction. This equates to roughly 25-60 lbs of instant weight-loss just by changing out the battery! To save this much weight in Carbon or Titanium parts would cost over $10,000 dollars. That makes the RS-30 the most cost-effective weight-loss product hands-down, while offering better starting, handling and braking! A real performance value!

ON/OFF FEATURE: The RS-30 can be turned On or Off for storage/transport purposes. During times of storage you can “turn off” the RS-30 to prevent over-discharge, then “awaken” it after months of storage to a full charge. Use the Sleep Mode as a Theft-Deterrent! Put the RS-30 into Sleep Mode during times of storage… with no power the car cannot be started or driven away.

CAPACITY INDICATOR: The RS-30 has an onboard Capacity Indicator (Fuel Gauge). This allows you to check the Battery’s “State of Charge”. Regardless if the RS-30 is ON or OFF you can check the remaining capacity of the battery.

LOW SELF-DISCHARGE: The RE-START Battery does not self-discharge like Lead/Acid Batteries.

DURABILITY: incredibly shock and vibration resistant, and no liquids inside to spill or drain out.

ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFER BATTERY: No Acid or Heavy Metals such as Lead, Cadmium, or Mercury.

PLEASE NOTE: the RS-30 is Not intended for deep discharge use such as powering large watt stereos, or applications where very high Amp Hour capacities are necessary or required. It is intended to be used as a Starter Battery for High Performance Cars/Trucks in non-freezing weather.

The RS30 was formerly called the RS20 (AG-RS-20).

IMPORTANT: Only use a Lithium Lifepo4 Charger with this battery. Do not use a lead/acid charger.




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