Call it what you will, in this time of uncertainty, we need all the help we can get.

Melbourne is currently under Stage 4 Restrictions, meaning that all non-essential businesses must close. Being that Kommune is community space, we don’t employ staff, which means that we are not eligible for any government or state-government financial support.

Our space has been closed since March, opening for a very short window before heavy restrictions were put back into place due to a spike in COVID19 cases in Victoria. Not only is this effecting business’ but our many of our beloved community have lost jobs, had businesses close down and feeling the strain. Many have had to reluctantly cancel memberships and storage subscriptions in order to ride out the storm.

Our space has now seen a downturn of over 60% in turnover (we’re talking hundreds of thousands here) and with deferred payments for Rent and utilities, etc and daily expenses still piling up we’re in debt for the first time.

What have we done to adapt?
We have been providing mechanical repairs and servicing as well as custom work for members in addition we have been working on redevelopment of our website to ensure we can shift our Training, Advice requests and parts sales online.

The biggest issue is; we don’t have staff and our revenue has taken such a massive hit we don’t have funds to employ. While we are getting support from our incredible community to action odd jobs, it ultimately comes back to Jimmy and juggling all this is a slow process.

Stay safe out there fam.
Kommune team.

Wrench, Ride, Repeat.