Blast Kredit

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Grab some Blasting Kredits and we’ll get your parts clean and looking fresh! Blasting Kredits will be used to fund the Vapour blasting set up currently under way at Kommune.

Kredits are redeemed towards the Kommune team blasting parts on your behalf – or as a way to support the new equipment purchase.

We’ve decided to take the plunge and set up quality blasting facilities for you legends. We have secured a SBC990 Sand Blasting Cabinet from Hare & Forbes Dandenong (they hooked us up with a  generous discount) and we have put together a plan on how to convert the cabinet to a Vapour Blaster aka Hydro or Water Blaster. Vapour Blasting is a superior system over typical Sandblasting – It’s cleaner, with no hazardous dust, it’s non-destructive and doesn’t remove material from parts – so you can blast pretty anything, including pistons, carbs etc and tolerances won’t be effected.

This cabinet is 1175 x 885 x 845mm and will fit most frames and yes, this will be available for members to use too. We’re already set up with a large 10hp Scroll Compressor and the workshop is plumbed with 25mm hard-lines so we’ll have amazing efficiency when blasting.

As a guide, typical Vapour Blasting will set you back around $90-$120 per hour and blasting machines this size can be upwards of $10k.

Stoked to be able to introduce this new gear in the workshop for you all.

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Heres a couple of examples of what can be done with a Vapour Blaster.