Flashpoint LED Headlight 5.75″


Flashpoint LED motorcycle headlight 

Our super bright and DOT approved LED headlight was designed to be amazingly neat and versatile with both Fork mount and Bottom mount options on every light.

  • Billet aluminium bezel with low consumption, high output LED component.
  • 4000 Lumen high beam, 2400 Lumen low beam (over 3 x a standard headlight)
  • IP65 Weatherproof + DOT Approved
  •  High intensity LED
  • Both fork mount and bottom mount options (hardware supplied)
  •  Hard anodised black surface
  • Standard 3 pin headlight plug is plug and play on all bikes, with optional running light
  • 160mm Outside Diameter x 80mm Deep

Flashpoint High Intensity LED Headlight

Night riding is a lot of fun, but some of the magic is lost when you’re headlight isn’t up to spec in those dark twisty mountain corners. The Flashpoint High intenisty LED headlight solves this with a super bright, wide angle beam to keep you safe and your ride looking trick.

The LED component with a High, Low and Running mode while packing serious punch, actually pulls less power and is significantly smaller than the conventional headlight, allowing tighter mounting and a cleaner custom finish.

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