M8 Threaded Bung Stainless steel (x2)


These precision machined Threaded bungs are a huge time saver for any professional or hobby fabricator.

Less time on a lathe, more time creating fender struts, sissy bars, luggage racks or whatever else you dream up for your custom build.

  • Precision machined 304 Stainless steel
  • Brush finished
  • Suits M8 thread
  • 40mm long x 18mm Dia.
  • Perfect for fender struts, fork braces, sissy bars, luggage racks, general fabrication.
  • Blind thread can be domed or shaped on the solid end

As a motorcycle builder these are an every day use item, these weld on threaded slugs, and the matching counter sunk bungs are the perfect way to cut down fabrication time and enable yourslef to build better.

Note: these can be used with Mild steel.

Digital LED Flasher relay and Control Module

This Integrated and Intuitive Module allows you to control both your turn signal indicators and headlight with the use of a momentary push button. Features include:

  • Inbuilt fuse
  • Inbuilt kill switch circuit
  • For use with standard bulb and LED turn signals up to 42w per side
  • Flashes LED lights without the use of resistors
  • Auto cancel flasher of 5 sec & 25 sec
  • Intuitive Headlight control with one single button 55W low/ 80W high
  • Can be used with a seperate dual headlight set up
  • Aluminium extrusion hard case, resin filled IP65 weather proof
  • Dimensions – L 90mm x W 40mm x H 25mm with 200mm Cables
  • Package includes Wiring Diagram and Function chart

Click Here to View the Function sheet and Wiring Diagram.

Click Here to view warranty info.




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