Extremely compact Tire Inflator / Air Pump accessory to use specifically with your Micro-Start XP-1, XP-10 or XP-10-HD.

Portable kit including mini Inflator, 2 Power Cables, 2 Tips

Air pump features a built-in LED light

Keep your vehicle tires properly inflated

Pump up small rafts, sports balls and more anywhere you go

The portable Tire Inflator/Air Pump is a great travel accessory for the Micro-Start XP-1, XP-10 or XP-10-HD jump-starter power supplies. Extremely compact and easy to take anywhere, this mini air compressor allows you to use your Micro-Start?s 12V port to inflate your Car, Truck, Dirtbike or Motorcycle Tires no matter where you are. The Micro-Start Air Pump has a helpful pressure gauge built-in and features an integrated LED light to aid you in dark nights or places. At a very small 5.5 x 1.75 x 6 inches and weighing only a pound, it?s the perfect road accessory to keep in your vehicle or motorcycle saddlebag. The mini Air Pump is great for bicycle tires too, and can easily be carried in your backpack when riding around town or for mountain biking and trails.

This will Not work with the Micro-Start XP-3 or SPORT since those models only have USB ports. It works specifically with the 12V OUTPUT port found on the XP-1, XP-10 and XP-10-HD models.

The kit includes two detachable cables for powering the Inflator. One simply plugs into the Micro-Start?s 12V port for portable tire-inflating wherever you are; and the other is a longer cable (9 ft) for connecting to the cigarette lighter port on your car or vehicle. The detachable cables allow for versatility and for easy stowing.

Additionally the kit comes with a Needle Tip for inflating footballs, basketballs and other sports balls, plus a Plastic Tip for air mattresses, small rafts or other small inflatables.


TIRE INFLATOR / AIR PUMP to use with Micro-Start

12-in Cable (SAE to DC 5.5mm) to attach Inflator to Micro-Start?s 12V output

9-ft Cable (SAE to Male Cig Lighter) to attach to car?s cigarette lighter port ? reaches any tire on typical vehicle when plugged in.

Needle Tip, for pumping up Sports Balls

Plastic Tip for Small Inflatables


Size: 5.5? x 1.75? x 6? (140x44x152mm)

Weight: 16 oz (454 g)

12V DC Powered. Can be powered by vehicle?s cig lighter port, or MICRO-START

NOTE: Alway use proper tire inflation for your vehicle. This product is meant to be for emergency uses ? the gauge is only accurate to within 3-4 lbs.





Extremely compact Tire Inflator / Air Pump accessory to use specifically with your Micro-Start XP-1, XP-10 or XP-10-HD.




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