MOTOCELL Lithium Gold MLG18 60WH


    MOTOCELL Lithium Gold Series Battery Model MLG18 12.8V 60WH [Equivalent Capacity 18Ah]
    for replacement of 8 Lead Acid Battery models.

  • Dimensions (mm) – L 150 x W 87 x H 105 plus an assortment of 10 self adhesive foam pads to adjust the battery dimensions for secure fitment.
  • Fitment polarity is Left Hand Positive.
  • Integrated LCD ‘State of Charge’ indicator is fitted for instant battery voltage testing.
  • Outstanding features include Ultra Lightweight, Excellent Charge Cycle Life, Extended Shelf Life and Energy Efficient properties.
  • Supplid with an info instruction sheet covering Fitting, Charging, Storing, Maintenance, Transportation and Cautions & Warnings.
  • Note:

    1. Lithium batteries are rated by Watt-hour specs as per the United Nations regulations for transportation.
    2. To maintain the best battery performance, the battery should be full charged when fitted initially and recharged before extended storage.

MOTOCELL LITHIUM GOLD LiFePO4 Battery 12.8 Volt Series – MLG18 60WH




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