Introduction to Motorcycle Carbs & Tuning Course

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Motorcycle Wiring & Electrics Course

The Motorcycle Carbs & Tuning Course is the go-to first step in learning all about the mysteries, myths and manic ways of the carburetor.

Course time: 6:30pm – 10:30pm
Class size: 10
Course type: Theory based with lots of Q&A

Is your motorcycle running like a bucket of sh…… ? Not starting, blowing smoke or not running at all? Learn the Air, Fuel, Spark principals, ready to fault find and tune.

The Motorcycle Carbs & Tuning Course will cover topics such as:

  • Fault finding and the process of elimination
  • How carburetors work and basic tuning principals, including jetting and mixtures
  • How Coils / Ignitions / Spark Plugs function and what could cause them not to work
  • What is Lean vs Rich – what are the symptoms, causes and fixes?
  • Filters – Stock vs Pods vs Stacks and cleaning
  • Exhaust principals and what changing pipes mean for tuning

This is theory-based course with hands-on topics.

Instruction will be carried out on demo bikes and you won’t be required to bring your own motorcycle. Feel free to bring your ride in for bike-specific questions though!
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Drinks and snacks provided.

Meet your Motorcycle Carbs & Tuning Course trainer

Carl Chapman

Mechanical & Custom

Carl is one of those blokes that just know. He's been working on motorcycles longer than you can poke a stick at. Carl runs the Kommune Carb & Tuning course and is the perfect choice for both basic and advanced mechanical work.

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