Hands-on Workshop – Motorcycle Brake Service

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Are your brakes squealing louder than your pillion passenger? Or do the levers feel spongey? Did you give up on your back brake weeks ago? Get it sorted – don’t mess with brakes.

Learn how to inspect, maintain and replace components on your braking system. Keep your bike safe and performing at its full potential.

Bring YOUR bike in and change over your pads/shoes and discs, learn how to do it the right way, what to look out for, and how to check and test your brakes, all alongside a professional.

This workshop will cover the following topics as required:

  • Learn about the different types of brakes – discs, callipers and pads and shoes
  • Replace Front Brake Pads or Shoes
  • Replace Rear Brake Pads or Shoes
  • Replace Front Brake Rotors
  • Replace Rear Brake Rotors
  • Flushing/Bleeding the Front Brake Fluid
  • Flushing/Bleeding the Rear Brake Fluid, or;
  • Check/Adjust Brake Cables

This is an introductory, hands-on workshop, where a trainer will work alongside you and a few other riders to complete the service. Roll on in, have a coffee or beer, and get wrenching!

If you are not sure if your motorcycle is ready for new braking components please swing past and we’ll check it out! (at no cost, of course!)

You WILL need parts for this workshop, we can do this for you, or you can source your own.

Parts for a typical 80’s Japanese Motorcycle are about (give or take):

  • Front Pads – $60
  • Rear Pads – $50
  • Brake fluid – $20
  • Disc rotor – $150
  • Brake cleaning kit – $30
  • KK Members get 10% off

Class is limited to 5 people and is the perfect way to learn how to tackle a chain and sprocket swap on your own in the future.

PLEASE NOTE: Non-members must select ‘Non-Member Pass’ when purchasing a space in this course. Why? Because membership fees help to keep the Kommune alive. We provide exclusive benefits to members in return for their ongoing support.

Course is limited to 5 attendees per class.