Motorcycle Mechanic
& Maintenance courses

Starting a project? or just got your first moto?

Learn new skills to keep your bike on the road and your project progressing.

We're re-scheduling our courses

We’re curently putting together our course schedule for the remainder of the year. COVID shutdowns make it tricky, but we’ll have a full calender up soon. 

Learn how to maintain, restore and customise your motorcycle with our maintenance courses.

Kustom Kommune prides itself on helping you to learn moto maintenance, mechanic and customisation of your motorcycle. Learning new skills should be a part of everyday life, and we aim to make it as easy as possible in our courses. Our motorcycle mechanic and maintenance courses are both theory-based and hands-on. No sitting in a classroom here, you’ll get your hands dirty, learn new skills and make new mates.

You’ll learn from industry professionals and long-term DIYers in our Melbourne workshop. Our motorcycle mechanic courses cover everything from basic motorcycle maintenance and servicing – perfect for new riders who want to understand the basics of how to keep your moto in the best and safest condition possible – through to welding 101, where you’ll learn the basic principle of how welding works and get hands-on time with MIG, TIG and Arc welders.

We encourage everyone to ask as many questions as possible and then use the workshop to put theory into practice after your course.


Motorcycle mechanic courses run every Monday night with courses from 6:30-10:30pm. Drinks and food included. Check out the available courses for dates.

How much?

Kommune’s Motorcycle Mechanic Course fees range from $99-$259 and Kommune members receive 20% discount off each course! Why? Because membership fees help to keep the Kommune alive. We provide exclusive benefits to members, in return for their ongoing support.

Looking for a little more?

Kustom Kommune also offers private 1-on-1 training sessions, where we connect you with an expert to get the job done. No matter how little or big the job. There are great options for those that have recently completed a course and want to learn a little more. See our private mechanic training sessions here.

Questions about our Motorcycle Mechanic & Maintenance Courses?

Shoot us an email or FB message, we’re happy to answer your questions!