2021 coming at ya!

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We’re finally back wrenching and keen to kick off 2021 by welcoming in new members, welcoming back our long time crew and getting stuck into a heap of new projects, both moto & community based! We can’t wait for all the rides, BBQs, events and good ol’ fashion Kommune parties headed our way in 2021!

We really wanted to start this update with a massive thanks to everyone that continued their support during the lockdown. We had members (and non-members) go absolutely above and beyond to help us through the massive 230-odd days of the workshop being closed. Donations, vouchers, continued membership renewals, donating bikes & parts, chipping in time to help with web and jobs in the workshop and more.

You as a moto-community have once again shown just how fucking awesome you really are! So from every member, Nina and myself, thank you. So much love for each and everyone of you.

Just like licking a spark-plug, this support has given us a massive jolt and ignited the passion of our community first fundamentals that Kustom Kommune has always been proud of. This year we’re going to make this our number #1 focus.

Grab a drink, sit back, relax (you can do it, we’ve all had a lot of practice)- this is going to be a long one.

Or jump to the sections that grab your attention:

2021 will be our biggest focus on metal health ever.

With the support from Movember & Gentleman’s Ride, we’re developing a new Initative: Konnections – to help encourage social connections amongst motorcyclists.


Meet Luke, your new full-time Kommune mechanic & mad fabricator

A huge milestone for Kommune! We now have a full-time expert on-site every day to help you overcome hurdles or to pick up the slack (when you can’t be bothered).


New Kommune Kommittee Oppertunities & Voluteer intake

This year we’re excited to further extend our Community first fundamentals by offering our members more input than ever in how Kommune operates and the philanthropic projects we implement.


"Kommune Power Co" - how we beat lockdown!

Between the frantic panic of grant applications and negotiating with Landlords etc, we quickly realised that if we don’t change and adapt, we’ll become one of the ‘unlucky’ ones. We found some unique opportunities…


Ready to hit the road now we're out of lockdown? Heres some tips.

Cutting corners is fine when you’re regifting Kris Kringle pressies. But not when you’re gearing up for your next grind.


Kustom Kommune Movember DGR social connections challenge

2021 will be our biggest focus on mental health, ever.

We’ve made it through to the third phase for the Movember x DGR Social Connections grant


7 Months ago we received an email from Movember letting us know about a new grant in partnership with our fav moto-event Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride: the “Social Connections Challenge”:

The new initiative will leverage funds raised by The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride community, creating a funding pool of AUD $1.15 million, to find ideas that can improve the social connectedness, life satisfaction and mental wellbeing of motorcycle riders.

Riding can be inherently isolating. Commonly, men experiencing mental health challenges don’t ride to talk, they ride to escape. We’re looking to develop initiatives that they want to ride towards.

We want to improve the social connection between motorcyclists because we know, in general, that people who are satisfied with their relationships and social connections are more likely to experience good mental health and wellbeing.

After reading the project brief, we knew this was something we could really contribute towards and we as a community could make some serious impact. We received multiple emails from members and social followers offering assistance in pulling together a pitch, as they too could see such a perfect alignment between DGR, Movember & Kommune, particularly with our “We Kare” program already in place.
We teamed up with Kommune member, motorcyclist and clinical Psychologist Ross Evans to launch our new initiative: “Konnections”.

Our idea is simple: To reach more men, we need to support the communities that support these men.

We need to equip communities with the tools they need to implement events and initiatives focused on connecting socially isolated men, whilst removing the“time & resources” barrier, we once faced too.

The Konnections team will offer assistance via a central platform that connects communities with all the information, data and hands-on assistance they need to successfully introduce or grow programs within their own communities.

We will share as much knowledge, offer all the support and resources community leaders need to launch new shared spaces, start social clubs or kick off new event series in their existing network. Our goal is to give motorcyclist around the world every opportunity to create lasting relationships.

We’ve successfully made it through the first two phases of the grant process, the third and current phase is all about talking to the community, refining the plan, building the team and thinking big but being realistic. The final phase, up to 10 projects will be awarded funding to put their project into action. We couldn’t be more thankful get this far and looking forward to creating social change around how we share and connect as a global motorcycle community.


Introducing Luke Steiger – your new resident Mechanic & Fabricator!

Maintenance, Repairs, Fabrication, CAD & Machining services now available at Kommune!

It’s been something we’ve wanted to offer since the day we opened… a full-time mechanic, fabricator, all-rounder on-site to help when you need some advice or want that extra bit of 1-on-1 time to learn or get over those hurdles.

Luke started hanging out at Kommune 2019 and was one of the first people to put their hand up to help on the XV750 Giveaway Build (yes, that’s still happening). The more we got to know Luke and witness his incredible skill set, we knew he’d be an amazing fit for the space. Luke chipped in big time during lockdown and has been helping us pump out a massive backlog of work: everything from complete split case engine rebuilds, ground up frame fabrication to subframes, EFI and Carb Tuning and more.

We’re absolutely stoked to have Luke on as an offical part of the team and looking forward to seeing him working with you guys to build or restore your dream moto!

You can book Luke in for 1-on-1 sessions or get in touch to discuss any mechanical or fabrication work you need done – you’re welcome to attend, even if you don’t want to do the work yourself.

Follow Luke on Instagram (and tell him to post more of the awesome work he does!)

Got a job or keen for a 1-ON-1 session? Shoot him an email.


2021 Kommittee & Volunteer intake

Keen to help shape the future of Kommune?

This year we’re excited to further extend our Community first fundamentals by offering our members more input than ever in how Kommune operates and the philanthropic projects we implement, such as the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride & Movember Social Connections Challenge Grant.

We’ll be offering Kommittee positions to those that are keen to make the space the very best it can be for our members. The Kommittee will be able to jointly make decisions that directly impact the space and each Kommittee member will be able to tackle bite size chunks of the space that they are most passionate about.

Feb will see our annual Volunteer intake; perfect for those with skills that want to pass on knowledge, or those with a keenness to learn. We all know how important Volunteers are to the space, with over 9000 hours contributed in 2019! This year we have formalised the process and have offical Volunteer programs, to help these legends get the most out of their time in the workshop.

Express your interest in the Kommittee or Volunteer roles and we’ll send you more information first week of February.

Together with our members, Volunteers and the Kommittee, Kommune will be able to continually expand its offerings and support to the moto-community in ways that we never thought possible, through new intiatives such as “Konnections”.


How Kommune powered through the apocalypse…

It was all about the digital tools during lockdown.


We’re all sick of talking about COVID-19, I know. It sucked for everyone, we’re all over it. Especially us Melbournians, we’re bloody thankful we’ve got our freedom back.

As a quick recap: Kommune kinda fell into a grey area, you know that place where we constantly live being that no government organisation seems to have a Kommune shaped hole for us to fit snuggly into… We landed somewhere between a gym and a place of gathering. Meaning we copped the heaviest restrictions and were forced to close from the end of March through to the end of November, opening for that ever so slight window in-between.

Membership renewals stopped for the most part, no new sign ups, no 1-on-1’s, no mechanical training courses, no nothing. Nearly every revenue stream from our space stopped dead in its tracks. Government grants were either very limited or very difficult to get as we don’t have staff and majority of the grants required you to employ staff to be eligible. As the saying goes, we were up the creek without a paddle.

With a heap of time on our hands, and I use that term loosely, between the frantic panic of grant applications and negotiating with Landlords etc, we quickly realised that if we don’t change and adapt, we’ll become one of the ‘unlucky’ ones. We looked at current revenue streams and identified a handful of opportunities that played a pivotal role in Kommune making it thorugh…

Introducing: Kustom Kommune Power Co!

Working with our suppliers we set up some quick ecommerce sites and hit the world wide web with a little bit of SEO and launched a handful of brand specific sites focusing on Motorcycle Batteries:

This along with additional sales on Kommune’s web-store (that you can only access by search while we finish the build) We managed to increase online orders by…. wait for it… 804%! An absolutely massive result.

Combined with our main man, Luke Steiger who’s now with Kommune full-time, substantially helped in getting us through COVID.

So, if you need a battery, come see the Kustom Kommune Power Co for all your battery needs!