Do you want to learn how to look after your motorcycle? In this video series sponsored by, Jimmy Goode will teach you all the basics around how to keep your moto in top notch condition, ensuring it is performing it’s best and is safe on the road.


Jimmy Goode knows the joy and satisfaction of customising your motorcycle to suit your unique style. The Kustom Kommune owner discusses the requirements to consider before making adjustments, including lights, mirrors and brakes.

When considering structural modifications, he advises seeking the advice of a professional first. As Jimmy says: “Do it once, do it right and enjoy the ride”.


One of the most overlooked maintenance items on classic bikes is fork oil – a critical part of a motorcycle’s suspension. Jimmy Goode from Kustom Kommune explains why this check is crucial, how and when to replace a fork seal and how to check rear suspension.

This important check will help you stop faster, turn better and feel great when out on the open road.


There’s nothing your motorcycle’s chain hates more than dirt and grime. Jimmy Goode points out the simple ways to keep your chain in top condition. The Kustom Kommune owner tells us why you need to check your chain twice a month, or every 500km, and how to do so correctly.

He shows us the signs of a worn chain and gives advice on how to choose the right lubricant for your chain.


Jimmy Goode knows that before you go, you need to make sure your motorcycle can stop safely too. The Kustom Kommune owner talks us through how brakes function, how to maintain your brake fluid and the essential points to check before a ride.

A high-performing, regularly-maintained motorcycle increases your chances of not only a safe, but also an enjoyable ride.


Jimmy Goode knows that maintaining his tyres ensures a smooth ride, every time. The Kustom Kommune owner hoists up his own motorcycle to show us how to keep a machine in peak riding condition. He explains when to check your tyre pressure and how much tread you need for them to be safe and legal.

Jimmy shows us the easy way to check for cracks in the tyre – particularly in older machines – and explains when to replace them.


Regular wheel checks help you understand your bike and keep it in peak performance mode. Jimmy Goode from Kustom Kommune shows us how to check the rim is true, and that the wheel doesn’t have any flat spots or wobbles.

Jimmy shows us how to make sure your spokes are tightened correctly and the simple way to check for free play, particularly on older bearings.


So you can remain in control of your motorcycle, Jimmy Goode shows you how to make sure its controls are working correctly. The Kustom Kommune owner talks us through the essential checks for lights, throttles and levers.

Making sure all your lights and controls work means you will be seen on the road. Jimmy talks us through how to perform minor adjustments on your own bike before heading out.

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