Borrow the Kommune Ute

The Kommune Ute was funded by a small group of very generous volunteers, and is available for members to borrow for picking up and dropping off your bike, or in the event of an emergency.

While we want to keep the Kommune ute as open and relaxed as possible, we do have to put rules in place, because shit happens… If anything happens (and you were obeying the law), we’re going to be as lax as we can about it. We don’t want this to become a rental car.

RULE #1: TELL US IF ANYTHING HAPPENS. Can’t stress this enough.


  • Always return the car with a full tank. Simple as that.
  • To pick up the keys, you’ll need to put down a $50 CASH deposit.
    No deposit, no keys. There’s an ATM around the corner at IGA if needed.
  • If the car is returned with a full tank, your deposit will be returned, otherwise it goes towards fuel and maintenance of the ute.
  • Tolls: If you plan to use a toll, get a day pass. If a toll is used and not already paid, we will invoice you for the amount, PLUS a $25.00 admin fee.


  • When driving, do your best not to disobey the law – please!
  • Infringements include fines like parking tickets and speeding fines, but also more serious things.
  • For infringements that you get on the spot, if you pay by the due date we will be blissfully unaware. You only need to tell us if you lose your licence.
  • Infringements that come after the fact, like parking tickets issued after the booking (from how the car was returned), and speeding fines issued by speed cameras, will be allocated to the driver responsible.
  • Overdue fines also come to us and need to be investigated and allocated. Allocation is a manual process, so we charge a minimum $25 admin fee. The fine itself will come from the government authority separately.


  • You are required to complete a damage check of the vehicle. Located in the glovebox you will find a logbook which will mention any pre-existing damage.
  • If you find new damage that isn’t recorded, you MUST email AND log the damage in the logbook BEFORE taking the car.
  • Please be aware, failure to report damage at the START of your trip can leave you liable, so please always report the damage.


  • If there is damage to the vehicle during your use, you are liable and will be invoiced for the repair OR the insurance excess, at our discretion.
  • If the repair cost is not paid within 30 days of the invoice being issued, your Kommune Membership may be cancelled or suspended at our discretion.


  • To cover maintenance and repair, the cost of using the ute is $20 per hour.
  • This will be refunded if your booking is cancelled.

Cool? Cool. Book the ute below.

Please login with an active membership to book the ute.

Unfortunately the ute is unavailable at the moment

Mechanical work is needed before it can be on the road again 🙁