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FUN FACT: Kustom Kommune was launched as a crowdfunding project on Pozible.com in April 2013.
We’ve come a long way, baby!


Honda CT125 – the postie-bike gets a refresh

Look familiar? At a glance, it looks awfully like an old postie bike. Look a little closer though and you’ll notice disc brakes instead of drums, fuel injection instead of a carb’ and LED lights instead of the lame excuse for lights old Hondas have. In a world...

Bike Review: Husqvarna Svartpilen 401

➕  The good bits  Plenty of poke from the smooth single Serious lack of weight High-quality bits throughout ➖  The not so good bits High seat height Plank of wood, masquerading as a seat Useless fuel gauge   What is it? Husqvarna motorcycles aren’t exactly what...

We’re back, baby!

WRENCH, RIDE, REPEAT REOPEN We’re excited to announce that we're back, baby! It's been a roller coaster few months but thanks to you, we made it. No only have we been working on the XV750 GIVEAWAY BUILD but we've given the space a fresh new layout with some very...

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